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16 June 2007 @ 09:52 pm
Hello~ Long time, no text! But Chapters 10-11 FINAL & EXTRA Stages are now finished and uploaded.

the 10K Commotion: FINAL & EXTRA Stages Complete!

Also I hadn't been checking my email much over vacation, but I found now that a number of people wrote to tell me that EXTRA Stage had broken links-- that wasn't the problem though-- it was just that the index was uploaded before the images were finished. I didn't expect anyone to be checking the links from the index, since I hadn't mentioned that it was done yet, but apologies to anyone who did and thanks to those for letting me know. I believe it's all fixed now, and I can read it all from this computer anyway, yay.

And now the tournament and for all intents, the comic, is complete. There is an epilogue and omake section written, ENCORE STAGE which I'm drawing now and hope to have uploaded by Anime Expo LB (4th of July Weekend).

In the meantime, thank you everyone for all the encouraging emails and comments, even when my computer was overheating, and my bosses were calling me at home to say "omg, video conferencing crisis, come into the office NAO!!"-- you guys helped me stick through it :) ENCORE Stage is coming just for you!


ps. comments are screened because i'm talking about the ending results with peeps, but feel free to leave a msg if you like, beep. :)
10 March 2007 @ 10:48 pm
Update to the 10K Commotion... There were two Intermission Stages that had already been drawn, scanned and transferred for painting when I last updated Final Stage, but I put them on hold until I finished lettering.

Now they're uploaded-- 9.5th Stage: どんなカンジ? (a flashback) and 10.5th Stage: Extenuating Circumstances (a flashforward).

After the week I've had at work, it felt really good to see something completed. I have a few more drawings to do and then I'll be scanning the end of The End of the Road. Yay. Oyasumi.

19 February 2007 @ 09:12 pm
#1. The 10K Commotion is updated with 10 new pages! Yay.

#2. The title for EXTRA Stage is no longer a spoiler... it's still subject to change, but for now I'm calling it "Andrew Kondou & the Final Word."-- and I'm very, very (x 4) looking forward to drawing it.

#3. There'll be an Intermission between FINAL and EXTRA Stages, which is already drawn and scanned-- so there's a good chance that will be posted before FINAL Stage finishes. Sore mo yoroshiku.

#4. Soon I'll reinstate the Print shop, via Cafepress, so anyone who asked about buying prints will be able to do so.

more details...Collapse )

-- yukon

Meanwhile, anyone who is interested is welcome to check out the update here--

the 10K Commotion
FINAL Stage: End of the Road-10K終道 is updated.